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Pen Collection

Here is a list of pens currently in my collection. I might also include inks in the future.

# Maker Model Nib Size Purchase Date Review Notes
1 Lamy Safari M 2012 Soon! F nib replaced by 1.9 Stub 8/30/19
2 Sheaffer Imperial 440 M 2013 None Replaced nib unit in 2015 Repaired original nib unit 2020.
3 Sheaffer Viewpoint “F” 2014 None Seems to have a “Calligraphy” nib that writes like a CI or Oblique
4 Parker 21 M 2016 None Found in a consignment shop, great writer, but has a small hairline crack.
5 Kaweco Sport Classic M May 2019 Posted Bordeaux
6 TWSBI VAC-700R F May 2019 None Clear
7 Visconti Van Gogh F June 2019 Posted Self Portrait in Blue, CI nib by Mark Bacas
8 Platinum 3776 EF August 2019 Posted Bourgogne
9 Montblanc 149 M September 2019 Posted Tuned by Bacas
10 Sheaffer No Nonsense M September 2019 Planned Green Flattop
11 Duke 209 Fude November 2019 Posted Pen Swap Stocking Stuffer - might be broken as it seems to dry out.
12 Parker “15” M November 2019 Posted Pen Swap Stocking Stuffer - Nice pen, plastic body, eyedroppered
13 Jinhao 599 M December 2019 Maybe x8 Purchased to practice some nibwork
14 Pilot Vanishing Point M December 2019 Posted Blue Carbonesque, Purchased from BBVP Neko
15 Sailor Pro Gear Slim “White Russian” M December 2019 Posted The Dude
16 TWSBI 580AL Emerald F January 2020 Soon! Purchased from Dr. Brownie of BBVP. Purchased a 1.1 Stub nib for this pen.
17 Sailor 1911L B January 2020 Posted Lovely pen purchased from PenSachi.
18 Sheaffer 1945 Craftsman Red Carmine #33 (F) January 2020 Soon! Restored by Stacy Hills.
19 Pelikan M215 Rings EF January 2020 Planned Purchased from Dr. Brownie of BBVP
20 Platinum President M February 2020 Planned Purchased from Pen Swap, arriving soon.
21 Platinum Curidas M March 2020 Posted Ordered from Lemur Ink.
22 Wancher X Sailor Shamrock Green Z March 2020 Posted Called the “Sparkling Emerald” in some marketplaces.
23 Franklin-Christoph Model 66 Stabilis Masuyama M Stub March 2020 Posted Antique Glass. Eventually will have a Seagull nib. Eyedroppered.
24 TWSBI Diamond 580AL R Prussian Blue B May 2020 Soon Prussian Blue, very pretty, first inked with R.O. Bondi Blue.
25 Franklin-Christoph Model 46L SE M S.I.G. June 2020 Soon Emerald & DC Green; June FC Pen Show
26 Montblanc Victor Hugo, 2020 WE LE M July 2020 Soon 2020 Writer's Edition Limited Edition, along with Victor Hugo ink.
27 Montegrappa Monte Grappa M September 2020 Pending Coral

Sold, Gifted, or Lost to Time Pens

Pens no longer in my collection, for one reason or another…

Maker Model Nib Size Purchase Date Review Notes
Nemosine Singularity EF 2013 None Demonstrator, Sold 2015
Jinhao Shark F December 2019 None x12 Purchased as gifts for co-workers for Christmas
TWSBI Eco B December 2019 None Purchased as a gift for BBVP Secret Santa
Visconti Homo Sapiens Midi F August 2019 Posted Sold to fund PC, I miss it!
Jinhao X450 M November 2019 Posted Pen Swap Stocking Stuffer
Unbranded “Rosewood” M November 2019 Posted Pen Swap Stocking Stuffer
Baoer 508 M November 2019 Posted Pen Swap Stocking Stuffer
Hero 9038 M November 2019 Posted Pen Swap Stocking Stuffer
Jinhao 159 M November 2019 Posted Pen Swap Stocking Stuffer
Baoer 51 M November 2019 Posted Pen Swap Stocking Stuffer

Wish List

These pens are on my short list, roughly in order…

Maker Model Nib Size Notes
Montblanc Victor Hugo M Rumored for June 2020 Writer’s Edition
Sailor King of Pen M or B Orange Tangerine or Fire Special Edition PG
Conid Bulkfiller M? Kingsize, perhaps.
Pelikan M1000 F or M Need more BIG pens.
Pilot Vanishing Point F Stripes
Newton Sumpter M Considering a Blue & Orange something.
Opus 88 B Demonstrator
Wahl-Eversharp Decoband Rosewood M  
Montegrappa EXTRA 1930 M The only Montegrappa I’ve been struck by.
Nettuno “God of the Sea” M Limited Edition
Montblanc 146 F Perhaps Burgundy?
Visconti Homo Sapiens F or M Would like the full-size version.